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Essud Fungcap
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TWIN - Identical twin brothers Terry and Jerry Lynn. Their story is one of the most intriguing artist history in the art industry. Each is a talented artist in his own right, but it's their collaborative artistic genius which has won them acclaim for creating some of the most vibrant, exciting art the inductry has seen in recent years.

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Magno Laracuente - is an international award winning artist with a distinctive unique style mixing expressionism, surrealism and abstract styles. Magno's technique experiments have produced exceptional works of art that include paintings, sculpture and photography.Laracuente was the recipient of the prestigious Osaka Triennale 2001 award, which introduced his unique style to the international community and currently has permanent works exhibited in El Museo del Barrio in New York, Contemporary Art Space Osaka, Japan and the Museum of Modern Art in the Dominican Republic.
Art By MagnoLaracuente
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Betty Blayton- Accomplished artist who refers to herself as a "spiritual impressionist." Her works are on display at major museums and corporations throughout the country. One of the founding members of the Studio Museum in Harlem and founder of the Children's Art Carnival. Recipient of the 1984 Empire State Women of the Year in the Arts Award; New York State Governors Art Award; the 1995 CBS Martin Luther King, Jr., Fulfilling the Dream Award, to name a few.
Art By Betty Blayton
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Ruth Miller works primarily in hand-stitched embroidery which she learned as a child at home and was inspired to use as a substitute for paint by the tapestries of Papa Ibra Tall.   She attended Cooper Union, receiving drawing instruction from Stefano Cusumano and learning the psychological effects of color from Bauhaus-trained Hannes Beckman.  Part of the artHARLEM coalition of artists, she received one of the first New York City Urban Artist Initiative grants, was a grant panelist for the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) and a participant in the State Department’s Art-in-Embassies Program.  She currently resides on the Mississippi Gulf Coast where she was granted a Mississippi Arts Commission  fine art fellowship for 2012.  She continues to use her art to explore issues arising from the intersection of intimacy and philosophy.

Art By Ruth Miller
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Leroy Campbell - South Carolinian, self taught artist. For over two decades he has painstakingly captured the essence and emotion of God-fearing, selfreliant, proud and intelligent subjects of his Gullah childhood. Work represented in many collections including, the Children's AIDS Society, Tom Joyner Foundation, and Phillip Morris-USA to name a few.
Art By Leroy Campbell
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Essud Fungcap - Artist who strives to inject aspects of surrealism and convey a certain quiet, peaceful tropical style that reinforces the sense of being "there." He believes that critical study of color and form for each individual work are essential. Consequently, his work always undergoes several transformations before reaching the point where he feels that it's ready for presentation. Recipient of the Manhattan Arts International Magazine Award. Work exhibited at the Atlanta State Capitol building.
Art By Essud Fungcap
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Charly Palmer - Award winning artist of passionate images depicting the struggle for civil rights, families at work, still life, and children in the wonderfully woven and layered backgrounds of patterns, color and texture. The countryside images will take you "Back Home" wherever the may be. He is also a noted graphic artist and illustrator. He was commissioned to create the official poster for the 1996 Olympics and the Atlanta Convention and Visitor's Bureau; and the 1998 Winter Olympics in Japan.
His works are displayed in universities, corporations and private collections such as Alabama State University, City Hall in Milwaukee, Coca-Cola Company, John Lewis, Angela Bassett and the Honorable Andrew Young.
Art By Charly Palmer
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Cassandra Jennings Hall initially worked in a hard edge geometric style but became dissatisfied with the constriction of the linear form. She began to create subtle surfaces full ofo rich color, balancing calligraphic lines and soft edged shapes which betray a studied simplicity.

Cassandra Jennings Hall is an award winning artist and her work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, universities and corporations; her work is in private and corporate art collections in the New York metropolitan area. Jennings Hall continues to live and work in New Jersey.

Art By Cassandra Jennings Hall
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Wayne Bowen - A graduate of the Fine Arts program of the School of Visual Arts and a student of famous American illustrator Max Ginsburg. Wayne captures life in the form of realism. The colors and detail of his work captivate and tell a story of their own. Work exhibited at the Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, and Society of Illustrators, to name a few. Recipient of the National Foundation for the Advancement in the Arts Award for Excellence, and the New York Lung Association Award for poster design.
Art By Wayne Bowen
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James Denmark - He was born in Winter Haven, Florida on March 23, 1936 into a family of Artists. He was exposed to color and form at an early age by his grandmother, a wire sculptor and quilt artist, by his grandfather, a bricklayer noted for his unique custom design molds and his mother who was gifted with an intuitive feeling for design and a fastidiousness for detail which she expressed in all aspects of her daily life. This rich beginning is the root of James Denmark's creative expression..
Art By James Denmark
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Stacey Brown - Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia offers an eclectic collection of original paintings for the contemporary art lover. Born and reared in Murfreesboro, North Carolina, his artistic journey of discovery began with aspirations for a career in graphic design. After graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta, he embarked on a successful ten year career in his chosen field, but something was "missing" in his life.
Art By Stacey Brown